Nodus Factory Outdoor

#TimeToGoOutdoor, it's time to get some fresh air!

With our expertise in textile solutions in the field of fittings for sailing and industry, Nodus Factory has developed a range of products for the outdoor sector.

Nodus Factory is a manufacturer and supplier of textile fasteners and connectors for the nautical, industrial, leisure and aquaculture sectors.

Nodus Factory is a brand that knows how to interact with users to design useful, innovative and affordable products.

Our job,

To conceive textile fasteners and connectors, light, strong, durable.

Nodus Factory's mission is to create innovative solutions for textile fasteners and polymer connectors to help people progress in their work or leisure activities.

All our products have a common point, to provide fastening devices in textiles and technical polymers answering needs expressed by their users to allow the realization of finished products which could not be conceived with other materials.