Nodus T-Hamac®


Adjustable suspension Kit ultra-light for Hammocks : Nodus T-Hammocks® 

6,91 €


Adjustable suspension Kit ultra-light for Hammocks : Nodus T-Hamac® 

  • Adjustable lengths
  • Maximum charge capacity 200kg
  • Totally weather resistant

+ Use

Thanks to the adjustment tab, straps can be adjusted continuously. 

In total, you therefore have an adjustment range of 50 to 80 cm. 

Technische Daten

Suspension réglable pour hamacs de Nodus Factory™

Adjustable suspension for Hammocks. 

  • The T-Hamac® is made in materials that can be fully recycled in a simple conventional sector. Optional wear protection strip will preserve the bark of the tree. You will be able to fully enjoy your hammock in the nature. 

Very simple to install and adjust

  • The kit consists of two fixing devices, an adjustable part and a fixed part for hanging hammocks. The movable T-connector in technical Polyamide allows connection with the hammock loop. Once you pass it in, it is placed crosswise and provides effective fixing. Optional wear protection strips protect trees. 


Product Name 

Maximum load capacity

Kit T-Hamac  200kg 50 à 80 cm